Giovelli Design - Handmade in Italy since 1978

"Made in Italy" trademark won its leading place in the market thanks to the personality, affluence and style it brings.Italy is a leader in fashion and quality, which helped make our ceremony photo albums one of the most showcased products abroad.
Though the style and design have changed over time, handmade leather products are always in fashion. As people follow any product changes with interest, Giovelli merges the tradition with innovation.

We make a product that becomes classic; one that always protects and enhances the photographs, memories and emotions in a precious treasure chest.Each product we create, from albums to accessories, is made by hand.
We continuously search for precious materials that are produced exclusively in Italy, which make the product unique.We personally take care of each piece to ensure it is unique. 
Our vast experience enables us to guide you through every step of creating the product, from choosing the material to bringing your own personal touch to it.

Giovelli is a synonym of guarantee and personality, these are the qualities that have distinguished "Made in Italy's mark on the international panorama for years.
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